Custom Notion Dashboards
Custom Notion Dashboards

Custom Notion Dashboards

I build customized digital workspaces for small business owners that provide clarity, centralize key metrics, and optimize team collaboration so more work gets done.

Re-think the way you approach getting work done

Getting the right data in place in a way that’s visual and easily accessible allows you to make better decisions. It’s clarity and consistency that moves the needle forward.
What would it feel like to have all of your notes, tasks, calendars, and essential information centralized in a way that makes it easily accessible at all times? And what would it feel like to be able to easily share this key information with your team?

🧠 Build your second brain

According to a University of California study, our brains consume a whopping 34GB of information in addition to generating 50,000 thoughts a day. Simply put, our brains are designed for information processing, not remembering data.
Welcome Notion: the free or paid “all in one” web/app that can be used to store ideas and information alongside tasks and related projects in one place—capturing all kinds of data points and information systematically without jumping between different tools or software.
Don't waste your time trying to make a perfect workspace on your own
Don't waste your time trying to make a perfect workspace on your own
Since 2019 I’ve been working with Notion— building countless dashboards for business owners that optimize, organize, and structure more effective project management systems.

Unlocking your potential in four easy steps

1. Uncovering what’s most important

Through a series of weekly meetings and conversations, we’ll work together and decide what needs to be monitored and measured, such as KPI’s, as we go over your business in detail.

2. Building and integration

After mapping out a framework and designing a first draft, you can test out and begin using while making notes of improvements along the way.

3. Testing and simplification

After a series of testing and feedback, I work on further simplifying and streamlining a process that works best for your business, further customizing and simplifying the process.

When working with me, I’ll show you

  • How to place your existing information into Notion so everything can be stored in a centralized workspace.
  • How to create new pages built to organize your workflows in ways that deliver results.
  • How permissions work if you plan on sharing information with those on your team or simply need a space to locate all your ideas.
  • How to improve your existing KPIs and SOP’s so you only see the most useful information at a time and don’t feel overwhelmed.
  • Friendship and collaboration are the foundations of life. I train your team how to collaborate, assign tasks, manage categories, and much more.

Workflow examples

  • Organizing social networking calendars, posts, ideas, etc, into one centralized location.
  • Building customized personal or company wikis that can be shared with others.
  • Displaying multiple views that show key or essential information, such as who’s assigned to what task and the status of that task.
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About me

I believe success comes from making sense of the complex and challenging. I am a problem solver and specialize in translating information scattered across different platforms into customized Notion dashboards, tailored specifically to suit client needs. I operate based on a questionnaire and typically work with clients between 30 and 90 days.

Free Resources

If you’re already familiar with Notion, you can also take a look at some of the useful Notion resources I’ve been collecting over the years, along with a variety of free templates.

Get started today

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Premium Templates

🌅 Daily Momentum
Premium Dashboard
  • My Daily Momentum dashboard includes an activities log, a task management system, recurring events, and a calendar system that can be synced with Google or Outlook. Once purchased, you will receive my training on how to set this all up.

🌅 Daily Momentum +
Premium Dashboard
  • This + version includes the standard template above with the addition of a daily focus & habit-tracking journal that integrates into it.
Coming Soon


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Consultation + 30 Day Support

Premium Template + Consultation & Support
Premium Dashboard + Consultation
  • Includes 🌅 Daily Momentum +
    • $59 value
  • 90-minute video call one-on-one video call where we’ll have a conversation about the possibilities of integrating or improving your current systems using Notion.
    • $90 value
  • Get the answers to technical questions you may have. Discuss how you can use Notion to improve efficiency and streamline your workflows for 30 days with direct messaging support.
    • $140 value


27% savings
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Custom Dashboards + 60 Day Support

Premium Template + Consultation & Support + 4 week Custom Dashboard Creation
Premium Dashboard + Consultation + Customized Dashboard Creation / Integration
  • Includes 🌅 Daily Momentum +
    • $59 value
  • Dashboard creation with up to 6 dashboards and/or 10 databases, 4x weekly virtual meetings going over your process and what you need to build.
    • $600 value
  • After the final build of your dashboard, you’ll have direct support from me for 60 days.
    • $420 value


46% savings

Questions about one of my templates? Interested in having me create a custom Notion workspace for you or your company? Send me a message or book a 15-30 minute meeting.

Examples of Daily Momentum

This template was designed to display project & task information in the simplest way possible, where everything can pretty much be summarized in a glance.
✅ 50+ custom formulas
✅ Statistics that summarize all open projects & tasks
✅ Complete documentation, including a detailed video guide and complete FAQ section, and screenshots of all custom filters, sorting options, and properties
  • Daily Momentum Notion template
  • Lifetime updates
Purchase Daily Momentum +

Screenshots of Daily Momentum

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Questions about one of my templates? Interested in having me create a custom Notion workspace for you or your company? Send me a message or book a 15-minute meeting.